AC Repair - Anderson Heating and Cooling If you are interested in getting a top-notch AC repair in Happy Valley, OR, contact our experts at Anderson Heating & Cooling ASAP. You probably want to stay cool when the heat comes around, and if your AC unit isn’t working right, count on our AC service to get it up and running. Don’t worry if summer is already here, we’ll get your AC working again before you even break a sweat. We do everything we can to get you back to a cool home because we know your time is important. Our affordable and friendly home assistance always goes above and beyond to provide the best in home comfort. So if you need an experienced heating and cooling technician, then contact us right away.

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    If you want to lower the odds of needing a major repair, then you should have your unit looked at by an experienced professional once a year. This is even required by some manufacturers if you wish to have your unit kept under warranty. Doing this will protect your unit and ensure it lasts for a long time. Having a professional look at it will allow them to deal with any minor problems before it leads to a major repair issue as well as keep your unit working at its peak. Having it checked out once a year will extend the life of your unit so it lasts between 15 to 20 years. But, if a major repair issue ever comes up, then trust our team to handle it. Here are some signs that you made need a repair.

    Signs your AC needs service:
    • The air in your home is lukewarm
    • Your energy bill has risen
    • There are strange noises or smells in your home
    • Your thermostat isn’t working as it should

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    Is it better to repair or replace a AC?

    The decision to repair or replace an AC depends on factors like age, extent of damage, energy efficiency, repair versus replacement costs, frequency of repairs, and warranty coverage. Assess the situation considering these aspects to determine the most cost-effective and practical option for your specific circumstances.

    Anderson Heating & Cooling has been helping the residents of Happy Valley since 2009, and we are standing by to handle your AC repair. We promise to be efficient and thorough, making sure nothing gets overlooked so your unit doesn’t run into issues after we finish up. We’ll get your unit up and running in no time so you can enjoy a nice cool home with peace of mind. We are the local home comfort team you can always turn to.

    If you are a resident who needs AC repair in Happy Valley, be sure to contact Anderson Heating & Cooling. We’re also available for cooling system installation and AC maintenance services.

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    If you need assistance with your furnace, our team can provide a fast and efficient heating repair. Call today to get started!