November 12, 2020

There are various types of heating systems that could heat your home in the colder months of the year. These include boilers, heat pumps, electric space heaters, fireplaces, and furnaces. Furnaces work by heating air and distributing it around a room, providing you with a warm and comfortable space. Furnaces are a wonderful invention for the following reasons.

Fast Heating

Furnaces are a great way to quickly heat up your home since they burn fuel to provide high amounts of heat. If you have a large home, furnaces are ideal because they can distribute heat faster to provide a warm and comfortable home.

Energy Efficiency

Furnaces use up most of the fuel they burn to produce heat. Electric furnaces are usually more energy efficient than gas furnaces because they provide heat using electric coils. In general, furnaces have a high Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) of up to 98%, making them a great option if you want to save more on utility bills.


Compared to other heating systems, such as boilers, furnaces are cheaper to purchase and install. Depending on the type of furnace you purchase, the operating costs are cheaper than other heating systems. Since electricity is generally more costly than gas, gas furnaces have lower operating costs than electric ones. Still, both are cheaper than their alternatives.

Furnaces last 10-20 years on average and just need to be serviced periodically, which means they save money on equipment costs. Having a certified and experienced technician service your furnace can also help you save money on repairs.

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