August 16, 2020

You want to be careful around the outdoor component of your AC system when taking care of your lawn. You can easily cause dirt and debris to end up inside of it when mowing, which could result in a call to an HVAC company for repairs. Here’s how to care for your AC unit properly.

Mow With Discharge Facing Away From it

You’ll want to mow around your outdoor AC unit with the lawnmower’s discharge facing away from it at all times. Lawnmowers discharge grass, mulch and dirt that could get inside your AC unit and cause it damage. This debris can also coat the condenser coils, which makes your air conditioning system work a lot harder to cool your home.

Brush Off and Hose Your AC Unit After Mowing

Even if you’re very careful, you can still accidentally get lawn debris inside your outdoor AC unit. The debris not only reduces the energy efficiency of your air conditioning system but can also cause mold to grow. This will reduce your indoor air quality.
If you need to clean your outdoor AC unit, turn off your air conditioning at the electrical panel. Remove the protective grill and use a soft brush to remove debris off the coil fins. You’ll also want to hose off the fins, and anywhere else debris has collected.
Gently hose down your AC unit as you never want to use a powerful nozzle on it. You’ll want to spray water through the fins from the inside out. Otherwise, the lawn debris will get stuck at the bottom of your outdoor AC unit.

Anderson Heating & Cooling of Oregon City, OR, can help you with your air conditioning system. Cleaning its critical components is part of our annual maintenance service. Additionally, we repair and replace all makes and models of AC systems. We’re also a full-service heating company. Please call our office today if you have any questions or would like to schedule a service.

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