July 16, 2020

A new thermostat is sure to be more responsive and easier to use than your old one. However, you must set up the device before you can use it. Here are some guidelines you can follow to connect your new thermostat to your AC.

Common Wire

First, identify the common wire, also known as the c-wire. This is the wire that always provides power to the thermostat. Because there’s going to be so many wires to connect, it’s important that you connect the common wire first. This will provide you with a solid foundation to connect the rest of the wires to the thermostat from the AC unit.

More Wires

Connecting more wires comes next. Sift through the yellow, white, green, orange, red, and blue wires to match them with their appropriate terminals. These colors are the industry standard, but your thermostat might have a slightly different layout. Once you have identified the correct terminals, put a piece of tape on each wire so you can confidently connect the wires in the next step.

Install the Thermostat

Finally, you’re ready to install the thermostat. Turn off your current thermostat and make sure the AC breaker is in the off position. Because you labeled the wire locations in the previous step, all you need to do is take off the screws and the backplate. Put the new plate against the wall and pull the new wires through the thermostat opening. Attach the wires to the appropriate terminals, screw in the backplate, and test the thermostat. If your thermostat comes with special capabilities such as Wi-Fi, you’ll want to follow the specific instructions in the manual.

Professional Thermostat Services

Connecting your new thermostat to your AC can be tricky, so a resource such as Anderson Heating & Cooling in Oregon City, OR, can be of assistance. We’re experts on setting up new thermostats and can also handle heating, cooling, and electrical tune-ups. Please give us a call so we can connect your new thermostat right away.

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