July 17, 2023
AC Repair in Oregon City, OR

When your air conditioner is not performing at its best, this is frustrating and can even be dangerous if temperatures increase significantly. The following are some common problems that can cause your AC to malfunction, and may even possibly require an AC repair if not caught soon enough.

Your AC Blows Warm Air

Nothing is more frustrating than when your AC system is blowing warm air because you have no way to get relief from the summer heat. The most common reasons your air conditioning system blows warm air are that your refrigerant needs to be replenished, your thermostat is faulty or your compressor is going bad.

The AC Won’t Turn On

When your AC will not turn on, power issues, thermostat problems, a faulty capacitor, a defective compressor or a tripped safety switch may be the culprit. Our team at Anderson Heating & Cooling is readily available to help you troubleshoot why the AC in your home isn’t turning on and help get your home cool again!

The AC Leaks

Dripping water from your AC unit can lead to costly repairs and property damage. Some of the reasons your home’s air conditioner may leak are a clogged or blocked condensate drain, a damaged or improperly installed drain pan, a frozen evaporator coil, or a dirty or clogged air filter.

Your Home’s AC Omits Unpleasant Odors

Nothing is worse than smelling foul odors each time your air conditioning system runs. These odors may be the result of a dirty air filter, microbial growth or stagnant water. If an AC isn’t cleaned regularly, it can also omit odors because of dust, dirt or debris. Sometimes there is a buildup of pet dander or hair in the air filter as well, which will surely cause the air to smell stale.

The AC is Noisy

A common cause for a noisy air conditioning system is dust and debris. Over time, parts of the unit, such as the fan blades, become dirty. Having the unit professionally cleaned will usually eliminate the noise. If noises persist, your fan motor may need to be replaced or the blades may be out of alignment. Your compressor may also be going out.

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