October 19, 2022
Furnace Condensate Line in Oregon City, OR

Before the winter season hits, it’s important that you have a professional perform maintenance service on your heating system. This will increase its overall efficiency and significantly reduce your risk of experiencing an unexpected breakdown. A part of any good maintenance service should be draining your condensate line.

Why Do Furnaces Drain Moisture?

Most people are familiar with the fact that their air conditioning system creates moisture as it pulls excess humidity out of the air during operation. However, many are surprised to discover that their heating system creates moisture as well. Not all heating systems produce moisture, though.

During the combustion process, furnaces that burn natural gas and propane create moisture. While some of this moisture escapes through your exhaust vent via steam, some is left behind. This excess moisture is set up to drain through a drain pan shared with your air conditioning system and out the condensate line to the exterior of your home or an inside drain.

Clearing a Condensate Line

Over time, hard water scaling and excess debris, like dust, can create blockages in your condensate line. If left to go too long, a complete blockage can occur. When this happens, water will back up into your furnace’s manifold and damage its flame sensor. This will cause your furnace to stop running, and the sensor will need to be fixed or replaced to get your heating system back up and running again.

Partially clogged lines can be cleared out with a hardy mixture of white vinegar and hot water. For fully clogged drain lines, professionals will need to utilize specialized equipment to completely remove the blockage.

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