August 2, 2021
HVAC system in Oregon City, OR

After a long summer of blasting your AC to keep cool, it’s always a good idea to perform some maintenance on your cooling system to keep it working properly. There are several worthwhile activities that you can invest your time in that make big impacts on the efficiency of your AC unit.

Purchase a New Air Filter

It never hurts to begin maintenance by purchasing a new air filter. As fall approaches, it usually isn’t enough to simply clean your filter. With a new filter, you can sit back and relax knowing that your AC will continue running efficiently.

Clean the Condenser Coils

It’s important to clean and to unclog your AC unit’s condenser coils because they’re a major part of its efficiency. Mold, dust, moisture, dirt, and other debris can collect on the condensate drain line and can spread to other parts of your property, damaging more than just your AC unit. The condenser coils could very well still be in great shape, but it doesn’t hurt to quickly check.

Check the Electricity

Your AC can only operate with full power with the proper electricity. It’s good to check up on your AC’s electrical connections not only because your AC depends on them being strong, but also because poor connections can pose serious safety hazards.

Clear Grass and Brush

It’s likely that grass and brush have grown around your outdoor unit over the course of the summer. Giving it an aesthetic touch-up is just as practical as it is visually pleasing. Eliminating obstructions allows for sufficient airflow.

Consult a Professional

Finally, you can seal the deal with a professional HVAC technician. With a professional tune-up, your AC will be more than prepared for the coming months. You never know what smaller problems could be occurring inside your unit, and a thorough assessment is always worth it.

You can count on us at Anderson Heating & Cooling for your end of summer maintenance needs. We also provide top-tier air quality services, ductwork, emergency services, and more that leave customers satisfied all over the Oregon City area. Get in touch today for the professional services you’ve been looking for.

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