May 10, 2023
AC Maintenance in Oregon City, OR

Staying on top of your heating and air conditioning unit maintenance is crucial to indoor air quality and comfort. However, many homeowners are unsure of how often such maintenance should take place. While there’s no hard and fast rule for every situation, there are some guidelines that can apply in most situations. Determining how often your HVAC unit should be cleaned will depend on factors such as its frequency of use, your lifestyle habits, and the area where you reside. Here are some general tips to keep in mind.

Changing the Filter

HVAC filters are meant to keep dirt, debris, and pollen from floating throughout your home. Over time, particles accumulate and make your system less efficient. It’s wise to change or clean the filter every couple of months for optimal indoor air quality and to prevent excess wear on your HVAC unit. Doing so can even reduce your utility bill.

Cleaning Ductwork

Another area of your HVAC system that requires regular cleaning is the ductwork. It’s especially important to have ducts cleaned if they’re clogged or if there are any signs of mold buildup or rodent infestation. Ducts should be cleaned at least once a year to enhance your comfort and health. It’s important to note that this work is best left to professionals with the know-how, experience, and equipment to complete the job properly and safely.

Schedule Professional HVAC Service

Ideally, you should schedule an HVAC tune-up at least once per year, and twice a year if your unit is older than five years. If you know it’s time for a thorough cleaning of your HVAC unit, we encourage you to contact the professionals at Anderson Heating & Cooling to schedule a tune-up. We provide a variety of additional heating and cooling services to residents of Oregon City, OR and the surrounding area, including heating and air conditioning repair and installation, indoor air quality consultations, and water heater replacement.

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