January 12, 2022
Furnace Reset in Oregon City, OR

The cold winter air in Oregon City, OR, will have you reaching for your home’s thermostat for relief. If your furnace or heat pump won’t respond, and you’ve already reset your programmable or smart thermostat and verified that it’s set to heat, you may need to reset the heat pump or furnace itself. Follow these quick instructions for resetting your home’s heating system.

Reset Your Furnace

Turn off power to the furnace at your breaker box. Locate the furnace’s reset button. These buttons are usually located in the blower or air handler. They are often red or yellow. If the button has popped or the switch has flipped, push it. Restore power to the furnace. If the furnace doesn’t respond or the reset button trips again, you’ll need a technician to troubleshoot the situation.

Reset Your Heat Pump

To reset your heat pump, begin by turning off the thermostat. Locate the heat pump’s power switch, and turn it off. Turn off the circuit breakers to the heat pump. Wait about five minutes. Turn on the circuit breakers. Turn on the heat pump’s power switch. Turn on the thermostat. You may have to reprogram your thermostat or wait for it to reconnect to your Wi-Fi.

What to Do If the Heat Pump Won’t Respond

If your heat pump trips the breaker or won’t respond to the previous steps, you’ll need to call for service. The heat pump may have an issue, such as a refrigerant leak, that is tripping its safety system and preventing it from resetting or restarting. It’s also possible that the heat pump and thermostat are unable to communicate. This may require an update to your thermostat’s software, a sensor replacement, or another repair.

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