April 5, 2021
Smart Thermostat in Oregon City, OR

Most people keep their thermostats for years, even after making significant heating repairs or replacing their HVAC. However, if you have had your old thermostat for decades, or perhaps since you bought your house, it’s time to consider replacing it. Consider replacing it with a digital and programmable thermostat that is easier to navigate. You can replace the thermostat without making significant adjustments to the HVAC. Here are reasons to replace your home’s thermostat.

You Want to Lower Energy Bills

You should replace your current thermostat with a programmable one if you want to lower your home’s energy bills. Manual thermostats consume more energy than digital thermostats, making them an ideal option for homes. The EPA notes that you can save your annual energy bills by 15% by replacing an old thermostat with programmable thermostat settings.

You Prefer Touchscreens

You may want to replace your thermostat to get touchscreen displays. Most modern thermostats offer touchscreen displays that are easier to use and attractive. Also, another reason you may want to change to a new thermostat is to enjoy more precise with your thermostat temperature settings.

You Are Installing a Zoning System

Most zoning systems are selective on the types of thermostats they use to operate. Therefore, you may have to replace the current thermostat with a new one that matches the zoning system you are installing in your home. It’s probably the right time to take advantage of the benefits of a more advanced thermostat.

You Want Accuracy

Another reason you should replace a thermostat is for accuracy. With a manual thermostat, you set temperature settings manually using a siding or dial switch. It can be challenging to set exact or accurate temperature settings. Therefore, it’s advisable to replace a manual thermostat with a digital one for correct settings for more ways to save and less strain on your HVAC system.

Our technicians can assist if you have questions about when to replace your thermostat. We are also skilled with furnace and heat pumps, smart thermostats, air conditioners, and energy-efficient cooling and heating systems. Contact Anderson Heating & Cooling today to schedule an appointment with our experienced technicians in the Oregon City area.

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