August 16, 2022
Ductless Mini-Split in Oregon City, OR

One of the best ways to control your energy bills and curb your carbon footprint is by choosing the right heating and cooling solution for your Oregon City home. While central HVAC systems are designed to heat and cool all areas of a building uniformly, ductless mini-splits make it possible to customize temperatures in individual zones or rooms. Read on to find out why mini-splits are both more efficient and cost-effective in the long run.

Don’t Heat or Cool Spaces You Aren’t Using

Ductless mini-splits have multiple indoor air handlers and one or more outdoor units. Each air handler has its own thermostat that can independently control temperatures in the zone or room in which it’s installed. This means that you don’t have to heat or cool your entire home at once. If there are spaces that aren’t actively in use, you can adjust the temperature or turn the air handlers off in these areas.

Prevent Air Loss

Not only do mini-splits eliminate the need to heat and cool unoccupied areas, but they also eliminate air loss. When conditioned air travels through HVAC ducting to reach the living environment, much of it is lost along the way. If central HVAC systems have worn, damaged, or aging ducts, heated and cooled air will be deposited behind a home’s drywall, where it will have no impact on residents’ comfort or the indoor temperatures. Because they are ductless, mini-splits don’t experience any type of air loss.

Reduce Heating and Cooling System Maintenance

The absence of ducting in mini-split systems also minimizes maintenance. Ductless air conditioners only require professional service once annually. Ductless heat pumps that are used for year-round heating and cooling require professional service just twice each year. Apart from this, regular filter changes are all that is necessary for ensuring excellent indoor air quality, efficiency, and superior performance.

Anderson Heating & Cooling provides reliable heating and cooling services to residents of Oregon City and the surrounding areas. We also offer indoor air quality service and water heater installation. If you want to know more about how our ductless heating and cooling systems can cut your energy use and save you money, give us a call today.

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