February 5, 2021

Clean indoor air is vital because you spend a considerable percentage of your time indoors. Some common causes of indoor air pollution include dust, pet dander, gas stoves, carpet, dampness, and mold growth. You can take some measures to enhance the quality of indoor air naturally.

Reduce Cooking Pollution

As hard as it could be to imagine, that weekend pot roast could be causing indoor air pollution. It could be a contributor to the high levels of nitrogen dioxide in your house. Gas stoves also produce hazardous levels of carbon monoxide. Therefore, you can naturally improve indoor air quality by maintaining and properly adjusting gas stoves and venting stoves with an exhaust fan.

Buy Houseplants

One of the most natural and easiest ways to improve your indoor air quality is to purchase some houseplants. You can choose some flowers and plants that effectively remove chemicals like ammonia from your indoor air. Some of the plants you can try that improve and clean indoor air include aloe vera, garden mums, bamboo palms, and azaleas.

Beeswax Candles

Candles can bring an inviting smell to your house. However, not all candles are made to purify indoor air. Beeswax candles are a natural way of cleaning indoor air. Polluted indoor air contains positively charged ions. When you burn beeswax, it produces negative ions that can bond with the positively charged ions in the air. The bonding of these ions helps to clean the air. Candles also produce a fragrant smell that contributes to an inviting atmosphere. The best part about beeswax candles is that they are ideal for anyone who has allergies or asthma since they can effectively clean the air of dander and dust particles.

Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is a natural air purifier. Active carbon, also known as activated charcoal, is odorless and highly absorbs and eliminates toxins from indoor air. You can also purify your indoor air naturally by burning bamboo charcoal.

Your Indoor Air Quality Expert

Anderson Heating & Cooling employs licensed, qualified, and certified technicians who can help you improve your indoor air quality naturally. We also repair water heaters, install AC units, maintain furnaces, and provide emergency services. To learn more about indoor air quality in Oregon City, call Anderson Heating & Cooling today.

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