April 19, 2023
Indoor Air Quality in Oregon City, OR

A humidifier and an air purifier can both be a great addition to a home, but you may be wondering which one is better. The answer depends on your particular situation. A humidifier will make your air less dry, which could be helpful if someone in your household is sensitive to dry air. In contrast, an air purifier will remove particulates from the air, improving your air quality. You can actually have both systems installed in your home if you’d like. Anderson Heating & Cooling can handle the installation of your humidifier and/or air purifier if you live in the Oregon City region.

Humidifier Basics

Cold air can’t hold as much moisture as warm air, and a heating system can dry the air out even more. In the winter, some people experience symptoms from dry air. These can include dry skin, dry hair, and respiratory problems. A whole-home humidifier can address that situation. Plus, it can make your house feel more comfortable, as moist air tends to feel a bit warmer than cold air. Wood furniture or floors, along with plants, may also benefit from a more moist environment.

An Air Purifier Overview

An air purifier works to trap contaminants and particulates in the air. It can be hooked up to your HVAC system and will continually move air through its filters. It requires little maintenance, and it can benefit people who may suffer from allergies or other respiratory ailments.

Ready to Assist Homeowners

At Anderson Heating & Cooling, we work hard on behalf of our local customers. We want the people we serve to be comfortable in their own homes. Over the years, we’ve developed our business, and we’re proud to be known for our professional staff and prompt response time. Our technicians are highly trained and continue to learn more about new developments in our industry. Contact our team at Anderson Heating & Cooling to schedule an appointment or to find our more information about our services. You can feel comfortable asking us questions about heating and cooling repair, installation, and maintenance, along with ductwork, smart thermostats, and more.

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